How to Start a Blog : Beginner’s Guide

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Do you want to start a Blog or Website and have no idea how to start ? In this post we will talk about how to do that.

Blog is a best way to share your thoughts or expand your business online. In any case it is very important to know how to set up a blog.

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Important things we need to start a blog.

Domain name + Hosting

OK so What is Domain name ? To put it simply Domain name is your website/Blog name. An address where user can access your website, it starts with www. For example my domain name is so how will you get it ? You have to purchase it ( it also comes free but with limitations ). I’ll explain it later.

What is Hosting/Web Hosting ? As a name suggest it Host, Serve, Maintain your websites. web hosting is a service that allow you to post a Blog/Website onto the internet. so that it can be viewed by others. Without hosting people will not see your website.

There are few questions that comes to our mind before starting a blog like –

  1. Why start a Blog ?
  2. How much does a Blog cost ?
  3. Can I start a Blog for free ?
  4. How much time does it cost to set up a Blog ?
  5. Can I use a Blog to make money online ?

Why start a Blog ?

  • Let me answer this question with a question. WHY NOT ?
  • Blogging is popular way of communicating and spreading information and news online. It is a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts online.
  • Expand your business online. great way to promote your personal brand and business.
  • Make money with blog while working from home.
  • Some people just like to write.

How much does a Blog cost ? Can I start a Blog for free ?

Free blog ? YES you can start blog for free. but free blog has few limitations. If you ask me i don’t recommend you starting a free blog. why ? see the comparison table and you will find out why.

Require Initial start up cost.
around $10 for Domain mane.
$5-10 for hosting.
No initial start up cost.
You will use program like wordpress or blogger.
You will have your own Domain.
You will have wordpress or
blogger name attach to yours.
You can monetize your blog.(Make money) Some free services limit monetization.
You will have full control over your blog. Looks Professional.Less control,
Less Professional.

How much time does it cost to set up a Blog ?

If you know what you are doing, within 20 minutes you can setup your blog.

Can I use a Blog to make money online ?

Yes you can.You can use Google Adsense and other similar program.

OK now that you know the basics and you have decided what to blog ablog lets start a blog step by step.

STEP-1 Choose Blogging Platform

Blogging Platform is a type of service or software that you use to create a blog and publish your content online. Now a days there are lots of blogging Platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly etc. WordPress is most popular from all of these platforms. Its very user friendly, easy to use, flexible, it offers lots of themes and plugins. I would recommend WordPress. For this website i am also using WordPress Platform.

Now if you choose WordPress, You have two options:-

  • Hosted ( free ) WordPress host your blog. you can start creating your blog in  Its free but with limitations like we discussed earlier. Note:- You can move to free to self hosting anytime.
  • Self Hosted :- You pay for the hosting. you can buy hosting from any company and install software ( One Click wordpress install ) in your hosting account. You can use software offline also but later you will have to upload all content to your hosting cPanel.

In this Article we will discuss Self Hosting with One click WordPress Installation in your hosting account.

STEP-2 Choose a Domain Name

As we discussed earlier that Domain name is your website name. e.g. is my domain name. If you are using free hosting you will get free domain but wordpress or blogger name will be attached to your domain like So I’ll recommend you to buy a domain name.

You can buy your domain name from lots of companies like BluehostGodaddy, Hostgator, etc etc. ( Some companies give FREE Domain name with their annual web hosting Package. So firstly check each website’s hosting plan which offer a free domain name. )

Note:- Keep in mind to pick a easy domain name. Domain name is very important. It gives first impression of your website to your visitors. So Pick a easy one, easy to type, easy to pronounce.

Step-3 Find a Web Host

Ok as we discussed earlier you need a web host to host your content online. Lots of hosting companies will give you FREE DOMAIN with their annual plan. Like BlueHost, Hostgator, 1&1, Siteground, A2 hosting, etc. As far as i can tell Bluehost have best hosting plans and cheap too. Here are Top 5 best Web Hosting Providers.



* These are march 2018 BlueHost rates*

After selecting the hosting plan you will be asked for your New Free Domain. If you already have a domain you can use it too. Here i am using new domain. but the process is same for both.

Now you have to enter account information. make sure you enter a valid email id. your login info will be sent to your email id.

ok next you have to choose your package. You can also choose Domain Privacy. By Privacy your personal information will be private. like Domain owner name, email, phone no etc.

Now you have to enter your billing information, accept term and conditions, click on submit.

Thats it You have purchased web hosting and free domain name.

STEP-4 One Click WordPress Install

  • Now you have to install wordpress. by just one click you can install wordpress. Here I am using bluehost. But if you have hosting with other companies like Hostgator,godaddy etc. Process is somewhat similar.
  • You have to login to your Bluehost hosting account, Login to cPanel, Under Website you will find the option ‘ Install wordpress’. click on it. (If you are using other hosting you will find WordPress option under ‘web applications’ or ‘software’ )
  • one next page you will be asked to choose your blog destination URL. Choose Root Domain. that is your website name like
  • It will ask you to choose your wordpress username and password. thats it in few minutes your wordpress blog will be up and running.


  • After that you need to login to your wordpress admin page. with the username and password you created when you installed wordpress. For login to your admin dashboard your URL will be somting like this

STEP-5 Customize you Blog

  • OK now this is how your Dashboard will look like. one the left hand side you will see options like Post, Pages, Appearance, Plugin etc. you can choose a free theme by going into Appearence > Themes. You can upload a new theme as well.

You can now start writing your posts. and Publish them online.

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