How to Request a SBI Cheque Book with SBI Yono Lite App

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Without visiting SBI Branch, You can apply for a new SBI cheque book online via internet banking or mobile banking with SBI Yono lite ( Previously know as SBI Anywhere Personal ). In this article we will see how we can request a cheque book with SBI Yono Lite App. If you don’t know what is SBI Yono Lite App, you can read :- SBI Yono App | How to register.

Simply follow these Steps to Request a new SBI Cheque Book with SBI Yono Lite App :-

STEP-1 Login to your SBI Yono Lite App with your user name and password or 6 digit easy PIN.


STEP-2 After login, you will see many options in your SBI Yono Lite App. Go to the option Requests.


STEP-3 Go to the option Cheque Book.


STEP-4 Next you will see options:

  • cheque book request
  • stop cheque/Revoke stop cheque instruction
  • cheque book tracker.

To request a cheque book click Cheque Book Request.


STEP-5 Now you have to select your bank account. Simply click on Select Account, it will show your bank accounts. Then select your bank account.


STEP-6 Now you have to select how many cheque books you want and how many cheque leaves you want. first click on Select Cheque Book and then select no of cheque books. (see pictures below) Now click on ‘Select Number of Cheque Leaves’. Now you can select how many leaves (cheque pages) you want in your cheque book. there is a option for 10,25,50.


Ok That is all. After selecting all this click REQUEST. You will also get a confirmation sms on your registered mobile number. SBI will send your cheque book to your registered  address. it will take 10-25 days to arrive.



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