How Will You Know If Someone has Blocked You on WhatsApp ? What You Can and Can’t see

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On Social media people block other people for many reasons. Bad Break-up, online fight, to stop harassment, to prevent stalking, to stop bed or negative comments, too many messages, all the reasons. Some people block other just because they are jealous of them or they just HATE them. Whatever is the reason every social media provides you with the option of Blocking. Similar with the message app Whatsapp.

Anyone can block anyone on Whatsapp. There is no clear way to tell if you have been blocked. For privacy reasons Whatsapp don’t tell you if someone has blocked you. But there are couple of indicators that shows that your contact might have blocked you.

1. Profile Picture

If someone blocked you on Whatsapp, you can no longer see their display picture.

2. Contact’s Status 

If no status appears below the contact’s name, they might have blocked you. (Status such as ‘available’ ‘Busy’ ‘ Hey there! I am using Whatsapp.) You can check it by going to your contact list.


3. “last seen” Timestamp

If someone blocked you, then in their chat window You can no longer see last seen or online. It is one of the indication but Not necessarily always the case. Some people just hide their ‘Last Seen’ by changing their privacy settings.

You can also check these (last seen, DP, Status) by going to your contact profile. Just click on the name/number of your contact from your chat window.

4. Check Marks

If someone blocked you on Whatsapp and you try to send a message to that contact, you will always see one check mark (message sent), and not second check mark (message delivered).


5. Whatsapp Calls 

If someone has blocked you and you try to calls that person, your calls will not go through.

6.Whatsapp Groups :-

If someone has blocked you, you can not add that person to any group.

Remember, These are just indicator if your contact is blocking you. but Not necessarily always the case. There could be other possibilities.


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