How to add Tables in WordPress Posts

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You are working on a article, and you need to compare some items, then things get tricky. I mean WordPress has a nice visual editor but there are many things that wordpress editor can’t do. like adding a table in posts. Tables are very important when you have to compare data and present data in a form that your readers can easily understand.

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    There are many ways and many WordPress plugin you can use to add tables in your posts. One of the best Plugin is TablePress. You don’t need to know HTML or CSS to use TablePress. Lets see the below table. Lets try to create this table using TablePress.
( In Dollars )
( In Dollars )
( In Dollars )
Formal Shirts19.9922.9924.99

STEP-1 Install and Activate TablePress Plugin. 

Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for TablePress > Install > Activate

You can also download the plugin from here

STEP-2 Add New Table

Once you activated the TablePress Plugin. You will see the TablePress Icon on the left side. Go to Add New Table.

STEP-3 Edit Table Description 

Write table name. number or row and column. You can always add or delete row and column later.

STEP-4 Customize Your Table

Now you have to write the Table Content. Here you can see the table shortcode too, that you have to paste in your articles.

you can customize your table with option provided. Once you are done editing your table you can save changes.

STEP-5 Add Table Into Your Posts

Ok now your table is done you need to add it in your posts. You can either copy paste your table shortcode. or In your Visual editor you will find TablePress Icon on top. Click on it. You will see all your tables. select the table you want to add. and click on Insert Shortcode.

And thats its You are done. Table is successfully added to your article. this is how it will look.



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