Google Adsense Approved after 13 Posts | Easy Adsense Tips and Tricks

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How to get google adsense approved ? Thats the question. As we all know, Google Adsense is one of the best advertising network. But Adsense approval process is not that simple. Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to approving new application. I got rejected at first too but i corrected my errors and applied again and this time my adsense application got approved. Just after 13 posts. In this post i am gonna share with you how you can get your adsense approved too, in easy tips.


  1. What is google adsense ? why it is so popular ?
  2. Common adsense rejection reasons.
  3. Tips before applying for google adsense.

1. What is google adsense ? Why it is so popular ?

In simply words, if you have a website and you want to run ads on it and earn money then google adsense is for you. Google Adsense is a advertising program that allows publishers to run ads on their sites.

Why it is so popular ? Google adsense is one of the oldest advertising program. It is a CPC (cost-per-click) program. One of the reason its popular is because It pays you much higher than other networks. Legit advertising program. pays on time. many satisfied publishers.

But their approval system very strict. Many applications get rejected. Lets see some Common adsense rejection reasons.

2. Common Adsense rejection reasons.

  • Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies :- You will not get approved if you do not follow adsense policies. You cannot place AdSense code on pages that violates any adsense policies. Like you cannot place ads on adult, Copyrighted material etc. You cannot place your ads on pages that are receiving traffic from illegal sources. Google does not like paid traffic. so before applying to adsense be careful about these things.
  • Insufficient content :- Another reason is Insufficient content. if you don’t have enough text on your pages/posts or it is poorly written google will not approve your adsense. also your content must be unique and it should not be same as other websites. meaning you can not just copy and past others writing.
  • Design of blog :- If your blog design is very poor, hard to read, hard to understand, google will disapprove your adsense request.
  • No Privacy Policy/About Us/Contact Us page :- It is very important to have these pages on your blog. Privacy Privacy page is also one of the requirements for Google AdSense. Many new bloggers adsense request gets rejected because they don’t know this thing. Also having these pages on your blog will tell your visitors that you are a professional.

3. Tips before applying for google adsense

  • Custom domain :- You need to use your own top level domain like ( Paid domain not free ). If you have a blog in blogger and your domain name is, You can apply with it too because blogspot is also a google product. I applied with Custom domain. If you don’t know how to buy a Domain name read this :-

There is a chance that you will get approved quickly with blogspot. But you will not be able to use that adsense on any other domain like For this you will have to upgrade your adsense account and apply again with new custom domain.

Domain Age :- In some countries domain name restrictions are there. you’ll not get approved if your domain name is less than 6 months old. When i applied my Domain was older than 6 months.

  • Web hosting :- Most of the new blogger use free web hosting and when they apply for adsense they get rejected most of the time. My advise is to buy a hosting for your blog. Now a days there are lots companies that provides hosting very cheap. If you don’t know how to buy a hosting read this :-
  • Content Writing :-  Write a good quality and quantity and original content. This is very important. Your site will get check manually, so write a good, unique, original, useful, long enough content.
  • Privacy Policy/About Us/Contact Us page :-

Privacy Privacy page is one of the requirements for Google AdSense. It tells your visitor what information you collect and why ? their consent etc etc.

About Page describe about you and your blog. what you blog is about etc.

Finally a contact page. that will tell your users how they can get in touch with you.

  • Number of Posts :- I guess i does not matter how many how many post should be there before applying for adsense. as long as you have quality content posts. My adsense got approved only after 13 posts.

Many people get rejected even after 100+ posts and some get approved even less than 10. So quality of your post content matter. So before applying make sure you have good quantity of posts.

  • Minimum Blog traffic :- It does not matter. you do not need high traffic for applying for adsense. a little 50 hits/day is good enough at first. but make sure your traffic is from legal source like social media, search engines etc. adsense will not get approved if it is from illegal source. google doesn’t like paid traffic.
  • Blog Design :- A good blog design is very important. google like blog that are easy to read, easy to navigate and understand, Simple and professional.
  • Remove Other Ad Networks :- if you are using other ad network as well. remove all ads before applying to adsense.
  • Apply with real-name NOT Fake name. Fill your address correctly, use Real Address and in proper format.
  • If Rejected, re-apply :- Don’t loose hope If you get rejected, check your errors, correct them and re-apply.

Getting adsense approved is little tricky but you have to follow these basic guidelines. Use a good design, write good quality posts, google will definitely approve your adsense. Don’t loose hope If you get rejected, correct your errors and re-apply.


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such a nice artical…

Sunoj Sukumaran
February 9, 2019 5:47 pm

Really helpful for someone, who is trying to get his adsense approved

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