Trick to Get Free Netflix Subscription in INDIA 2019

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I am using Netflix for more than a year now and i never ever pay even one rupee. 🙂 Though i am not proud of my this accomplishment 😃 But what can i say, ‘Jindagi Pyaar nahi Jugaar par tiki hai’. haha. Alright enough of this, let’s talk business.

In this post i am going to share my few tricks to get free Netflix. Method is by using cards or virtual cards for unlimited no of trials.

  • For Indian Netflix users payment option is only credit or debit card. ( Yes debit cards too. Netflix has started using accepting Indian debit cards with VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX logo.)
  • Previously there was a option ‘Pay using Play Store’. But not anymore. Back then It was very easy with Play Store to get a Netflix one month trial. ( I used it for 4-5 months ) Option is not there anymore so we are not going to talk about it.
  • If you have 2-3 Bank’s credit or debit card, You can use them to get one month trial. but make sure to create new Netflix account with different email id.
👉 Few Tips  :-

👊 Before creating new Netflix account, Clear your browser data and cache, Same with Netflix app.

👊 If you don’t have another email id or don’t want to create new e-mail id, you can use any fake e-mail id. Netflix do not send any verification links on e-mail, so you don’t have to open your mail. Just remember the e-mail id you used for creating Netflix account. After a month You aren’t gonna need it anyway. 😎

  • Once you have used all your cards, what then ? When it Happened to me I started looking for Virtual Cards. Virtual cards we get from ICICI Pocket, HDFC Payzapp, The Mobile Wallet (TMW), all works for me.
  • Now i am using SBI Virtual Card. I am telling you, it is the best so far. If you are a SBI customer and use online SBI banking, you can easily create SBI Virtual Card in few easy steps. Read How to create SBI Virtual Card.
  • Best thing about SBI Virtual Card Is that you can create as many as cards you want. And I am hoping that all cards will give free Netflix trial . ( I am using my first SBI Virtual card for trial so i can not comment on that but next month when i’ll use my second SBI Virtual card, i’ll let you know by updating this post )
  • I’ll keep updating this post and keep providing you the latest working virtual cards.

OK so now you have your virtual card. Lets see how to create Netflix account in easy steps.

  • Go to Netflix Website or you can use Netflix app. Click JOIN FREE FOR A MONTH.


  • Click SEE THE PLANS. ➡ Choose and Plan and Click CONTINUE.


  • You have to create your account with e-mail and password.


  • Click on Credit or Debit Card ➡ Enter your Card or Virtual Card detail and click on START MEMBERSHIP ➡ You will have to verify your card by Secure Code or OTP. And THAT’S IT, after Verifying your card, ENJOY FREE MOVIES AND SHOWS ON NETFLIX. 🙂




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January 24, 2019 12:42 pm

debit cards works too ?

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