How to change SBI ATM PIN online ?

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Hey guys, do you know you can change your SBI ATM password online ? In this post i am gonna tell you how to change SBI ATM password online step by step. For this all you need a ACTIVE onlineSBI account.

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Follow the following steps to learn how to change SBI atm password online.

STEP-1 Go to and login with your username and password.

STEP-2 Go to e-Services. (Top menu of SBI website).

STEP-3 Go to ATM Card Services.

STEP-4 In ATM Card Services you will find lots of options for ATM. Now you need to click on ATM Pin Generation.

STEP-5 After clicking on ATM Pin Generation you will find two options to validate your identity. *Using One Time Password *Using Profile Password.

If you use One Time Password the SBI will send you a SMS on your SBI registered mobile no. containing OTP, that you will have to use here.

I am using my Online SBI profile password here.


STEP-6 Now you have to select your debit account. If you only have saving account. select it and continue. (see the pic)

STEP-7 After selecting your account it will show you the list of the ATMs(both active and blocked) associated with your account. Select the ATM from the list for which you want to change ATM PIN. and Submit.

STEP-8 Now its time to change your ATM PIN. As you know that ATM PIN is 4 digits,So its gonna ask you to Enter first 2 digits of your desired PIN. Enter two digits and Submit. (I selected 00 to let you know how this works you can select anything)

STEP-9 Now SBI will send you last two digits of your new ATM PIN on your registered mobile no (mobile no that is registered with your SBI bank). In my case i got 34.


STEP-10 Now you have to enter all four digits of your new pin (First two digit is created by you and last two digit is sent to you through SMS). In my case i created first two digits are ’00’ and last two digit sent me me was ’34’. So now i have to all all four digits that is ‘0034’ Which is also my new ATM PIN.

AND Thats it your new ATM PIN is successfully generated. You will also get a comfornation through SMS that you have successfully changed your ATM PIN.



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