What is BHIM App all about ? Register and Use BHIM App in Easy 5 Steps

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In April 2016, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) introduced Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for instant payment. That allows sending or requesting money instantaneously.

UPI, is a instant real time payment system that allow transfer of money between two bank accounts through a mobile application.

If you haven’t read our previous article about Unified Payments Interface (UPI),Virtual Payment Address (VPA).  You can read it here. Simply explained UPI,VPA.

What is BHIM App all about ?

BHIM = Bharat Interface for Money.

BHIM is a UPI Mobile App developed by NPCI for Sending/Receiving money instantaneously. Fast, secure, reliable cashless payments through your mobile phone. With BHIM, your smartphone becomes your bank. If you have BHIM app in your phone, you don’t need any other payment app because BHIM works damn well for every payment.

With BHIM App you can :-

  • Manage all your bank accounts in one app.
  • Pay to any user using any UPI application.
  • Shop online and checkout using ‘Pay by UPI/BHIM’.
  • Send and Request money from any UPI user. Transaction limit- Rs 20,000 per transaction and Rs. 40,000 per day for 1 bank account.
  • Check Bank account balance.
  • With BHIM app you can send and receive money by using:-
    • Virtual Payment Address (VPA), a unique ID given to every individual using UPI.
    • Mobile number.
    • Account number & IFSC.
    • Aadhaar number.
    • QR code: which enclosed VPA, Account number and IFSC or Mobile number.
  • USSD service – User can use this service by dialing *99# and do service like send, request money, balance enquiry etc. ( service charge applicable, deduct from your mobile balance. usually .50 rupee )

Before you register, please ensure:-

  • You have a valid Debit Card for your bank account.
  • Your Mobile Number is linked with your bank Account.
  • BHIM App and your registered mobile no. is present in the same device.

How to Register ?

STEP-1 if you are using android, Go to play store and download BHIM APP. Apple user can download it from Appstore.

STEP-2 Install the BHIM App and open. Choose Language. BHIM support 13 languages – English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati,  Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia and Urdu.


STEP-3 Verify Mobile Number – If you are using dual sim, choose the sim that is registered with your bank and click NEXT.  BHIM will send an sms from your phone to verify if your phone number is registered with your bank account. Wait for few seconds, you will get the confirmation that your mobile is verified.

Now you need to create the 4 digit pass-code for your BHIM App. Every time you open your BHIM App, you will need this code.


STEP-4 Select you Bank – Click on the bank account and you will see the list of available bank. Select your bank account ( mobile number that you are using for BHIM is same as the number registered with your bank ). Once you choose your bank, BHIM will automatically Add your bank detail, because your mobile number is registered with that bank.

  • NOTE – You can add multiple bank accounts. If your same number is registered with other banks you can add those banks too. But you have to choose your primary bank for the transactions.you can change your primary bank at any time.
  • For example If i add two banks PNB and SBI and i choose SBI as my Primary bank, so when i send any money to someone money will deduct from my SBI bank account and when i receive any money i will receive it in my SBI account.


STEP-5 Create UPI PIN – This is very important. You need to create a UPI PIN. This PIN is needed for transactions like sending money, balance enquiry, transfer funds etc. To create UPI PIN, you need your debit card details.

  • Go you your bank account detail, you will see the option for SET UPI PIN.
  • Enter last 6 digits of your debit card and card validity. month and year.
  • you will get OTP, and you have to enter UPI PIN. twice. Thats it after confirmation you can start using your BHIM App.

Now you are ready to use your BHIM App. This is how your Bhim App going to look. You can see the option for money Send, Money Receive etc. You can also change your bank account by going to the Bank Account option. Bhim App is pretty simple, Not too many options on the sereen, so not that confusing and it is easy to use.


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